Domestic Violence

What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence is a form of interpersonal violence. It’s a pattern of abusive behavior that may be physical, sexual, psychological, or some combination of these. These behaviors are intended to punish, abuse, and ultimately control the thoughts, beliefs, and actions of the victim. Although usually targeted toward an intimate partner, abusive behavior can harm everyone in the family. Over time, and without intervention, abusive behavior increases in frequency and severity. Later incidents of domestic violence often involve weapons and may end in serious injury or death.

What does domestic violence look like?

Does your partner?

  • Insult you in public and/or private?
  • Check up on where you have been and/or who you have talked to?
  • Put down your friends and/or family?
  • Tell you jealousy is a sign of love?
  • Blame you for the abuse?
  • Limit where you go and what you do?
  • Try to control your money?
  • Destroy your things?
  • Threaten to hurt you, your family, and/or pets?
  • Make you sex in ways or at times that are uncomfortable to you?
  • Touch you in ways that hurt or scare you?
  • Tell you that your fears and/or feeling are not important?