Elder Abuse

What is elder abuse?

Elder abuse is abuse intended to injure, threatening to harm, neglect, abandon, sexually hurt, or financial exploit any person 65 years or old. My Sisters’ Place provides services for individuals 50 years and older who have experienced elder abuse, or are otherwise dependent on someone else for basic needs. Oregon State Law recognizes victims of elder abuse as 65 years or older. Elder abuse may not only be physical violence, pain, and injury. It can also be name-calling, threats, ridicule, intimidation, denial of rights, financial abuse or control, or other mistreatment. Perpetrators of elder abuse are often a spouse, partner, child, grandchild, or other family member or caretaker. The victim is most often a spouse, partner, parent, or grandparent.

What does elder abuse look like?

Have you been:

  • Threatened with words or physical abuse?
  • Kept from friends or family?
  • Walking on eggshells at home to avoid trouble?
  • Prevented from accessing medical care?
  • Coerced with threats of abandonment?
  • Stolen from (even small amounts of money)?
  • Pressured to give loans, sign over property, or share bank information?