October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and this year My Sisters’ Place is affirming that everyone has the right to a safe and loving home, especially individuals who have experienced domestic violence. However, home is often unsafe for our clients, and finding sanctuary can be a difficult and dangerous task.

To meet this need, My Sisters’ Place is building a Sanctuary Fund, and we’re asking for your help.

My Sisters’ Place operates the only emergency domestic violence shelter in Lincoln County. We are currently unable to provide any direct rental assistance to shelter or other clients due to lack of resources. Our clients often need more help than is currently available to find or remain in safe, affordable housing.

The Sanctuary Fund will be used as supplemental rental assistance for My Sisters’ Place clients who have exhausted all other community resources and are still unable to come up with the final costs to move into or remain in safe housing. We are seeking to raise $5,000 to use year-round as an auxiliary funding source. Your support would be tax deductible. You can donate online or send your donation to our mailing addres: PO Box 2152 Newport, OR 97365.

Examples of rental costs the Sanctuary Fund will be used for may include:

  • Rental application fees (often $30-$45)
  • Emergency rental assistance to prevent eviction
  • Move-in fees and deposits
  • Utilities deposits

Abusers commonly jeopardize a victim’s economic stability. Many individuals who have experienced interpersonal violence struggle to find rental properties or rental assistance due to poor credit, rental and employment histories related to the circumstances of their abuse. Some individuals may decide to stay in an unsafe situation rather than become homeless. Ultimately, 38 percent of individuals who have experienced interpersonal violence will become homeless at some point in their lives. With your help, we can help survivors in Lincoln County find and stay in a safe, loving home. Thank you for your support!